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Bespoke Events

In addition to full-theatrical productions, the Sleepwalk Team is available to devise immersive work to match any occasion and give your guests and clients unforgettable experiences.

Sleepwalk Immersive will work with you individually to understand your needs and aspirations for your event - creating something unique for you.

Some examples are given below.  Please contact us on to discuss your specific requirements.

Young Love
Created for Fionn Cox-Davies Music - fundraiser (April 2024)

Photo credit: Fionn Cox-Davies


A fifteen-minute journey with two performers - through the streets and into a surprise location for one guest at a time.  
Do you want to join the party ... ?

Photo credit: Joel Moffett

Have you heard of the Moonshine Girl ?
Created for Anne Corlett - book launch for The Theatre of Glass and Shadows (May 2024)

Photo credit: Charles Huang

A narrative performance including public ensemble pieces as well as multiple private scenes for one guest at a time.  Both dance and dialogue were employed and the work was based on characters from the novel - offering teasers (not spoilers) and followed by a talk on the nature of immersive theatre.


Photos credit: Ari Omar

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