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Our Backers

It would be impossible for us to keep creating our work without the support of our donors and advisors.  We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge them publicly.

If you're interested in supporting us, then please email us at 

The Circle of Hypnos

A group of our regular and significant donors, who give their time as well as funding, and work closely with us on our future plans. 

Stuart Barker

David Brittain

Chris Frost

Sally-Anne Huang

Colin McQueen

Tina McQueen

Our 2023 Bacchanlia Kickstarter campaign

Our shout-out pledgers:

Lisa Eureka

Lena Argiris

Eleni Moustaira

Isabel Moura

Ernesto Breton

Mariana R Serra

Sevonte Miniatures

Jamie Edwards

Burak Kılıç

Adam Griffith

Veronika Gibbins

Marianne Louise Nimmo

Jess Braithwaite

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