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An intense and intimate re-imagining of The Bacchae by Euripides.  Pentheus thinks he has things perfectly under control in Thebes until his divine cousin, Dionysus, turns up with malice and anger.  40 audience members, mingle with 6 performers in a hypnotic 60s setting - chaos is unleashed.  Do you deny a god?

Venue:  CRYPT

St Peter's Bethnal Green,

Saint Peter's Close, 


E2 7AE

Age restriction: 18+

Initial run: Sun 12th - Sat 25th November, 2023

Extension Dates: Tues 20th February - Sun 17th March, 2024

"Sleepwalk has captured lightning in a bottle with Bacchanalia"

Immersive Rumours

"a sexy, playful younger sibling"

The Stage


Photo credit: Ivy Corbin

Creative & Company

Sebastian Huang - Artistic Director
Ruth Howard - Movement Director
Madeleine Houghton - Producer and General Manager
Maya McQueen - Associate Director / Associate Producer
Peter Broughton - Co-Creator
Joel Moffett - Sound and Lighting Designer
Charles Huang - Front of House Manager

Ari Omar - Original poster design

Originating cast

Additional cast for 2024

Wen-Hsin Lee
James Clark

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