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At Sleepwalk, we consider ourselves the next generation of fully immersive theatre.  Formed in 2022 by a group of young creatives working in the industry, Sleepwalk offer intense theatrical experiences for small audiences, telling stories which will haunt and enthral.

Our creative team have grown up in a world of free-roaming theatre where the audience has agency.  We understand this world better than any generation that has gone before and now we are seeking to move it to the next level.

Why merely dream, when you can sleepwalk with us?  You might never wish to wake.

What the reviewers say about us ...

The Stage listed Sleepwalk Immersive's Bacchanlia in their Top 50 shows of 2023,

as one of their Top 4 Immersive Shows

"The performers shine with their excellent acting and dancing skills, capturing the audience's attention at every turn."

BroadwayWorld UK

"reminded me what it feels like to be immersed"

No Proscenium

"Sleepwalk Immersive is a new, young company paying attention to what works in immersive"

The Stage

"the pacing is excellent, the acting effusive and there's plenty to admire in each room"

Theatre News

"a show that stands shoulder to shoulder with some of the best immersive stagings London has seen in recent memory"

Immersive Rumours

What our audiences say about us ...

"Curious, unexpected, and unpredictable."

"A fascinating journey, filled with surprises that will linger in your memory long after it ends."

"Delivered breathtaking suspense with intimacy and style."

"heady, hedonistic, and bohemian"



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